Family Medications

My significant other does not take any medications. However, if he does take something for a headache or any pain he takes ibuprofen. To my surprise he knew the trade name, class, normal dose, and side effects. When I asked him what the difference was from other pain medications he knew the basics. My parents do not take medications regularly either. If my mother has a headache she takes Excedrin and she has been taking it for years. Nothing else seems to help her headaches. She does know the side effects and therefore takes it sparingly. My parents have always used more natural remedies when a cold breaks out, such as echinacea, tea, vitamin C, and a medication literally called “wellness.” “Wellness has a variety of herbs in it and it does seem to cut the average cold in half. My sister takes anxiety medication (Xanax) and medication for depression (Zoloft). She is very aware of the medications she takes, hence, the anxiety. She has anxiety about EVERYTHING. Overall, my family tries to stay away from medications and try to treat the underlying cause with a natural remedy first.


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